A scorpion in the sand: testing the Abarth 500 out of the asphalt

few weeks Ago, squeezed it well to the bottom of a Fiat 500 is a special one, a Abarth 595 Yamaha Factory Racing (see proof of the Abarth 595 Yamaha Factory Racing) came into my hands shortly before that Fiat did officiates washing of face of the Abarth 595 (see all the details of the Abarth 595 2016). With him, in addition to the daily deal in the city, desfilé by some of my stretches of mountain favorites, and I shot at circuit coupled to the companions of 8000vueltas, now I had the opportunity, from the hand of Sportdrive, roll well off the road, seeing what you are capable of the small Abarth on earth.

Docile and fun on and off the road:

Half a day. The heat is really strong to the southwest Madrid. I’m at a point near Navalcarnero, near Móstoles, surrounded by earth, of dust. The air you can almost chew.

A sign of Sportdrive gives me the welcome and a few minutes later, I’m already immersed in the briefing of rigor. The day is divided into two parts, with two pre-tests that serve as the initial heating before hitting the circuit.

The three tests are performed with a couple of Abarth 500, you know, the version of access to the range Abarth, equipped with 140 horses and a tune in the missing some of the ingredients “pata negra” of his older brothers, a version that in fact it is no longer marketed, thus giving all the attention to the Abarth 595, accompanied by the 695 Biposto and the Abarth 124 Spider clear.

we Started with the slalom with a 180 ° end, we continue with an “eight” in which to grab the piece is affixed to the Abarth in this slide on the ground at the flick of a hand brake and jumped the track. A bumpy and fun circuit of ground in which to re-test the 500 Abarth.

In the Circuit of Jarama I leave a pleasant taste in the mouth still being one of the cars less powerful with which I have entered in circuit, but what about off road?

I start, echo for a few seconds less than the purr of the exhaust Record Monza, fixed to my seat, I release the hand brake…

Gas, insert second and begins the dance. Play with the train back and I try to be as cautious as possible in each succession of potholes. It hurts Me in the soul to see that any of the shock tops. Agile and again easy to get to him. Fast and fun still not feeling at all comfortable with steep terrain. More throttle, hand brake, gas it again…

The small GTI Italian keeps his composure despite the “beating” that is taking, I again encounter with that pleasant ease to reinsert it in the right line, with a good response on the part of the block gas, turbo, 1.4-liter. I want a little more weight in the steering, a touch more hard at the change…

I under this Abarth with the same idea that haunted me with the Abarth 595 Yamaha Factory Racing: if one day I need a utility will be like this. More now than after the last wash of face has solved this thankless center console, replacing the old radio for a multimedia system current.

what are you thinking in doing a driving course?What give it away? Check out the experiences on offer in Sportdrive, both in circuit as on earth:

in Addition to come back to see me the faces with a Abarth I have come up with this circuit to know the work of the team Sportdrive those of us who offer a good range of experiences and driving courses both on circuit of asphalt as on earth, something, this last, that I think are really interesting because they are substantially less the companies and brands engage with the sport driving off the road.

don’t hesitate to take a look at their website (to see also the prices of the courses of driving) because it can be a good chance to improve your way of driving, learning and having fun on a dirt track at the wheel of an Abarth 500 and a Mitsubishi Lanver EVO VII that, today I played, has left me a terrible desire to return to visit them.

has touched Today to change the asphalt for the earth. Great experience with the team @sportdrivespain and @abarthspain #cars #car #rally #sport #offroad #fiat #fiat500 #500 #abarth #stance #stancenation #sportscar

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And for a snack… oh, Dust! #cars #car #rally #sport #offroad #fiat #fiat500 #500 #abarth #stance #stancenation #sportscar #drift #gif

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