A Seat Leon TGI gas natura adds to the fleet of the Guardia Civil

Seat León Guardia Civil Guardia Civil has acquired a Seat León TGI of natural gas with which claim to lower the CO2 emissions of its fleet. The Safety Body has reached an agreement with the company, concluding in the delivery of this model equipped with this system. This version of the current generation of the Seat Leon has been delivered to the Guardia Civil, awakening the interest of the attendees.

The Seat León TGI compressed natural gas (CNG) comes to the fleet of the Guardia Civil in order to improve the efficiency of the same. This is a great opportunity to test this type of vehicles that today are not so well known. The propulsion system of the vehicle can run on either gasoline or natural gas, succeeded in improving the figures of CO2 emissions that are sent to the atmosphere.

Seat León Guardia CivilThe data speak for themselves. The models which mounted a system of these characteristics are able to reduce around 25 percent of the CO2 emissions. In the same way can reduce by 85% the emission of NOx. At the same time, natural gas vehicles CNG to reduce the consumption per kilometre because the fuel is significantly cheaper.

The Spanish company ensures that you can get to reduce the cost by between 30% and 50% when compared to diesel engines and between 50% and 60% if we make the comparison with a vehicle powered by a gasoline engine. Some figures really interesting to keep in mind when buying a car.

In cocnreto, the Seat Leon TGI mounts a engine 1.4 TSI 110 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque. If we serve only natural gas, the autonomy that can offer the model is 420 km. Officially, this version declares an average consumption of 3.6 kg of CNG per 100 kilometres travelled.

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