A shame, BMW will not develop a supercar on the occasion of its 100 years

BMW i8 producciónThe 7 march 1916 he founded the company that we all know as BMW. In the beginning, he devoted himself to the manufacture of airplane engines; hence its logo that illustrates a few blades, but later it would begin to produce cars and motorcycles. The next year the company is complying with nothing less than 100 years, a century full of successes as there can be no other way is there to celebrate. Rumors had suggested that this celebration would include the development of a supercar. An idea that the same brand just to deny breaking with the illusions of many, me included.

Has been the development manager of the company, Klaus Froehlich, who has told Auto Motor und Sport that will be a supercar as part of the celebration of its 100th anniversary. This does not mean that the brand has not managed to create one in the future, but for now will have to wait. As it seems, this expectation would come motivated by the advances in technology that are expected for the next few years, being scheduled for the arrival of lighter batteries and better quality. Knowing that it is expected that this model uses a hybrid system, only we need to tie up loose ends.

BMW M2 precio Españain The same way, this denial does not close the possibility of seeing a new product in the company. Meet 100 years not met every day so that , we could expect the arrival of a completely new model that will make the delights of the followers. Also, there is the possibility of seeing the special editions on this topic, a decision that does not convince both but that is expected with enthusiasm.

By the time those looking for a sporty, high-level must attend or the popular BMW i8 or to some of the many alternatives proposed by the family M. The last to arrive, the M2, landing with force with an image really impressive and an engine that goes up to 370 horsepower. Not bad for the small family sports.

Source – Auto, Motor und Sport