A shot! Thus shielding the SEAT León that will use the Italian police is tested

A few days ago I overtook a very important news for the Spanish brand, the SEAT Lion will become the new coach of carabinieri Italian, with an agreement by which SEAT could provide a total of 4,000 vehicles. Among its equipment, armor can withstand bullets, severe beatings, and still be capable of exceeding 200 km / h and be agile in high speed chases. How proved SEAT resistance of this compact transformed into patrol for Italian security forces?

SEAT: 1 – Alfa Romeo: 0 lead SEAT Italian Carabinieri

SEAT transformed their facilities, for a moment, on a battlefield. Machine guns and bullets became his instrumental work and the strength of the panels and moons impact of the projectiles tested. SEAT ensures that the lion has the door panels that resist a minimum impact of 44 bullets guns Magnum 357 and Magnum bullets projected at 1,400 km / h. The windshield has been reinforced so that their thickness reaches 22 mm.

the impact of large rocks against the glass is also tested to verify that these are cracked, but do not yield. But it is best to see him in the video below.

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The vehicle chosen by the Polizia di Stato and the Carabinieri in Italy has been the SEAT Leon 2.0 TDI , which it will also feature in bulletproof portachalecos roof support arms, radio and localization GPS , controls and knobs for doors, search lights, emergency lighting, serene and cell for detainees at the rear.

In motor:

SEAT: 1 – Alfa Romeo: 0 lead SEAT Italian Carabinieri

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