A sinkhole swallows 20 cars parked in Florence

Hundimiento 20 coches FlorenciaImagine that one day you parked your car as always and the next morning you find it inside an enormous cavern and covered in mud. Something like that happened in Florence (Italy) a couple of days, specifically in the early morning of the 25th of may. A sinkhole on the banks of the river Arno, very close to the famous Ponte Vecchio engulfed a row of about 20 cars that were parked.

This huge crack formed on the asphalt is about 200 meters long and 7 meters wide, and it was caused by a water leak in an underground pipe. Apparently this break in the pipe was reported to the police the previous night, but after several hours of water-circulating, soil ended up giving up. Fortunately, there has been only material damage and no person has been wound.

in spite of that, some buildings in the area had to be evacuated and were left without a water supply. The authorities do not rule out that the mine shaft is getting bigger in the next few days and have been recommended not to approach the place. It is estimated that this subsidence could have caused damage the amount of 5 million euros, in addition to have been put in a problem to the owners of the cars.

As can be seen in the video and the pictures, the dimensions of the crack are awesome. You can also see how the water practically swallows a few vehicles, that will be the worse off of this story. From now on will begin the legal battle, because all those who do not have insurance for this type of accident will have to complain to the company that manages the water in Florence.

Source – Motor1

Hundimiento 20 coches Florencia
Hundimiento 20 coches Florencia
Hundimiento 20 coches Florencia