A small official preview of the Mercedes S Class Cabriolet

The image that fills your screen corresponds to the new Mercedes S Class Cabriolet . We will know in Frankfurt. It will be the most luxurious convertible created by Mercedes in decades, a step above the SL luxury and refinement. What’s more, its closest cousin is the Maybach Landaulet versions created for a few years, also based in Class S. To trace the roots of the Class S Cabriolet decades have to travel in time. A time of extreme luxury, opulence and design … for which they could afford.

The S-Class will have three distinct variants for the first time in its history: Coupe, Convertible and sedan.

The advancement is official. This image has been published by Mercedes this weekend. It will be one of the great innovations of the German manufacturer in Frankfurt, next to the C-Class Coupé, which have already caused a stir in the automotive world. The Mercedes S Class Coupe will have a canvas roof , it will not resort to a complicated and heavy retractable hardtop. Canvas is much more elegant and the latest advances in insulation make the comfort and silence are expected in S. Class

As you can see, will be a four-seater, whose interior is the same Class S. Even the taillights appear to have been transferred unchanged from the S-Class Coupé, which is based more closely. A level of propellants, is not expected to be offered with drivers of less than six cylinders, as a vehicle of its category demand. Nor should surprise us any versions AMG , eight- and twelve-cylinder with maximum power of 630 hp in the superlative Mercedes S 65 AMG .

The epitome of luxury, destined to face English machines like the Bentley Continental or the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead.

Source: Carscoops
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