A sneak preview of the new of Volkswagen for the ESC 2016 in video

The next day, January 6, CES, Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas 2016 will open its doors to the public. In the following days attendees will be able to see firsthand the technologies that the future awaits us. A space will be reserved for car manufacturers, which how Volkswagen, they will go to the fair with their latest advances in sustainable mobility, low-cost.

The video the truth is that it is rather bare-bones. In it he shows us a prototype of Volkswagen that seems to be called Duo-e Concept. Little or nothing we know of how it will be and that technology hidden in its interior, but we do know that is related to sustainable mobility. A further step towards the installation of alternative systems.

The truth is that Volkswagen already had us ahead of time that at CES 2016 was going to present a prototype. In fact, they already gave us a preview in the form of a teaser, perhaps more revealing than the new one. Many voices affirm that it will be the rebirth of the Bulli, the traditional van from Volkswagen, but this time with an electric propulsion system.


The rear light is the element that is most revealing of the mini video presentation

the shape of The front LED indicate to us that we are facing a future member of the family GTE from Volkswagen. The name Duo-and you can refer to a combination of mobility schemes, but the truth is that we don’t know what they are. The next day 5 in the evening, we will show via streaming the keynote of Volkswagen at CES.