A Spanish company will manufacture batteries up to 1,000 km of autonomy


Good news for Spain related to the automotive sector of the future. If yesterday we talked about the country’s commitment to support autonomous vehicles today we find news that will be manufactured high-capacity batteries for electric vehicles.

The madrid company Albufera Energy Storage through its director general, Joaquín Chacón, has reported that they are developing batteries that will provide 1,000 km of autonomy for electric vehicles are similar to the Renault ZOE.


The technology used for the batteries will be aluminum-air referred to as Alion and according to them is superior to the lithium-ion batteries. The development of the same is still under debate Madrid, Andalusia, Extremadura or Castile la Mancha as serious candidates for hosting the headquarters of manufacturing because they will have the backing of aid from european funds.

The initial estimates have calculated that it will be able to manufacture around the 3,300 units per year which would generate benefits of millions of euros. The factory will have 30 operatives and the first prototypes will arrive in the year 2017.