A Spanish manager will oversee the scandal of the emissions of Volkswagen

There is nothing simple task that Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz have ahead in the next year. The spaniard has been named supervisor of everything related to the scandal of the pollutant emissions of the TDI engines EA189. A job that corresponds as head of procurement for the Volkswagen Group, and the work that it takes to play since 13 years ago.


Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz

We have been for months after the scandal of Volkswagen in relation to the Defeat Device that is in charge of tweaking the operation of the engine so as to be capable of emitting less particulate matter NOx which announces and approvals. Soon, Volkswagen will start with the calls to review, and will work of the mr. Garcia Sanz that this process is transparent and effective.

As we say, is not an easy task, as there is for the world, a total of 11 million engines affected. The brand recently announced the steps to follow to correct the problems of the european engine, but only the 1.6 and 2.0 TDI. Later will come the solution to the rest of the affected units.

Due to this dubious honor, mr. GarcĂ­a Sanz will cede his post as chief of acquisitions of the group mr. Ralf Brandstaetter. A steering 47-year-old, who has been more than 22 in Volkswagen, and currently holds the position of head of sales of new products from the year 2012.

on the other hand, Frank Welsch, of 51 years, and responsible for the technical development of Skoda from the year 2012, has been appointed as the new development chief of the Volkswagen Group in place of Heinz-Jakob Neusser who at first was suspended for his relationship with the scandal of the emisiones.


Volkswagen must face heavy fines, although for now it is unknown the amount

Both an appointment as the other have a character immediately. One has the work that the entire process of settlement is done in the best way possible. The other must work on restoring the confidence of the market thanks to the development of technologies efficient and next generation solutions. A hard work after the hard cuts that are living in the bosom of Volkswagen.