A strategy mistake cost him to Hülkenberg his first podium


In the Grand Prix of Monaco, Sergio Perez went up to the podium for the sixth time in his career after a great strategy that paid off. On the opposite side of the balance, his team-mate Nico Hülkenberg. The German rider became the fourth rider in the history of Formula 1 to reach the barrier of 100 Large Prizes, without adding a single podium, after Adrian Sutil, Pierluigi Martini, Philippe Alliot, despite of their good performances in the Williams, Sauber and, his current team, Force India.

This situation has become a constant for the German pilot, who for some reason still get revenues in the Formula 1, and not given the opportunity of riding for a great team, while listening to the siren songs of the WEC since its victory in the 24 hours of Le Mans, which will not be able to defend this year.

On this occasion, there is little you can reproach the piloting of the German rider, who qualified in fifth position on Saturday, and bowled at a good pace on Sunday, even overtaking Nico Rosberg on the horn. Your options of a podium finish were dashed when Force India made him stop too soon to put intermediate, what he did leave behind a small train led by Felipe Massa. Vijay Mallya apologised to the pilot via Twitter after the race, and Robert Fernley wanted to note that the team was aware of the mistake.

“we Had the two sides of the coin in Monaco, because we did not do a good job for Nico, so that I apologize with him, we should have done better. But Sergio was superb. Both piloted brilliantly. The overtaking of Nico, who had ultrablandos, at the end of the race after getting traction in Rascasse, was tremendous, so we don’t have any complaint”.

Fernley did not miss the opportunity to publicly show the affection and consideration you have towards Hülkenberg, who expect to be able to compensate in the future with the long-awaited podium:

“I’m disappointed for Nico, as much as exalted by Czech, because we made a mistake and, if successful, probably would have gotten that podium. We have seen the quality of Nico in qualifying, and we have seen his quality winning position on the last lap. We have to continue with him, we have that support you properly and you will be fine, it is a star“.