A student designs a box changes hybrid without clutch


Prototype gearbox hybrid of Dan Dorsch

This invention has of course the student Dan Dorsch a sum of us $ 15,000 of prize, to win the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize. However, you can end up making you rich if you get to enter in production in real cars.

The idea is simple: why continue to use clutches to change gears? If it eliminates the problem of sync, the gears can be inserted to palo seco, in fact, there are techniques to change gear without using the clutch, but they are for experts and I do not recommend to try it for the health of the box.

Would be another problem to solve, and that is that a combustion engine can not start to operate from a standing, a regime turning of minimum or cala. This is solved by using an electric motor, that is to say, a hybrid system, which is able to accelerate from 0 RPM without slipping no clutch pedal.

In the video Dan Dorsch explains to us the purpose of his invention. You can check out numerous components of the gearboxes today, so that reduce weight. In addition, by eliminating parts that have friction and losses, the same as the clutch, increases the overall efficiency, at the same time that the benefits remain unchanged.

In the case of changes of Dorsch an electric motor small deals to make the times of synchronizer, in a manner totally transparent to the driver, so that no power is wasted, nor time. The net effect would be similar to that of a dual-clutch transmission, robotic, like DSG, S-tronic, TCT, EDC or Powershift.

This synchronization also prevents the use of techniques such as the double clutch or the tip-heel to synchronize the gears. At the level of sportiness you would lose a little bit of pepper, but the change in efficiency will be worth it.


Dan Dorsch is working with a car manufacturer of sports cars for a possible implementation in series production, although we have no idea who it might be. The goal is to have a box of changes of touch sporty, but that you do not have unnecessary energy losses.

right Now, the transmissions are more effective in terms of efficiency are given cakes with the touch of sports, as is the case of the e-CVT that uses Toyota/Lexus. In reality we are talking of a planetary gear system, also has no clutch, but subjectively it seems like it slips (and it is not so).

Using the system of Dan Dorsch, you can achieve the effectiveness required in a sports car with a minimum impact on the feelings, but with a notable saving of energy and weight. In addition, the electric motor driver allows to circulate, promptly, without emissions, , pulling the energy stored in batteries.


In the future, in general, the clutch pedal is doomed to disappearance. It is not only because the boxes do not have automatic stop gain prominence, it is that working on boxes manuals that do not need clutch pedal, but have retained the lever, and the clutch plates are controlled by an electronic controller.

In reality, the clutch is a reminiscence of the older cars, and that overcome the limitations inherent to the internal combustion engines. There are increasingly fewer reasons to support them. May one day let’s look at the system of Dorsch bulk car series, since that is adaptable to cars that are not sports and it does not seem a very expensive solution.

The suppression of the discs of the clutch will also fix the other problem, of their wear and tear. In a car avarage, with transverse engine and front-wheel drive, replacing the clutch may be around 1,000 euros, depending on the amount of labour required and if there is that change more or less pieces.