A supercar English and a mountain road in Japan: what a perfect combination?

There is a place on earth similar to a cross between the Nürburgring and the Pikes Peak, something like the Autobahn in the mountains. It is the highway toll Hakone Turnpike and as you can guess, no, has no speed limit. one hour south of Tokyo, you can go to try it really is a sport for something less than 5 euros to the change. how Palatable truth? is Only missing the car, and in this case it will be a McLaren 650S Spider.

For about 5 euros you can roll to fund in the Hakone Turnpike, a toll road next to the Mount Fuji.

This turnpike was built in 1960 and traverses the whole mountain rising to an altitude of 1,000 metres, with views of lake Ashi and in the shadow of the Mount Fuji, one of the most beautiful and emblematic of Japan. There go fans of the world of motor to test you skill at the wheel and their machines and also in the spring, when come the tourists to immortalize the mountain full of cherry blossoms.

McLaren 650S Spider HakoneOn this occasion, the car to traverse the curves of the mountain will be a striking McLaren 650S Spider yellow. The supercar English seems to be the choice to enjoy the road and the luxuriant landscape that surrounds it. It is true that it is not the almighty McLaren P1 , but here we would be fine with any rear-drive sport.

not even have to lose a second to fold your roof. The McLaren can do it less than 30 km/h so that when we get closer to the toll booth, this will be doubled before you even pay.

With the roof off the sound of the V8 biturbo engine of 3.8 liters and 650 HP get into our ears and bounce through the hills of the mountain as a song for accompaniment on the journey. Since there is no speed limit once past the barrier, we can tread on the bottom in the 650S Spider, capable of reach 100 km/h in 3 seconds. from there To enjoy.

And is that while tourists photographed the spectacular views from the lookouts and the summit, anyone who can go up there with your car you can climb it without hesitation giving gas. Since then the “petrolheads” japanese have to give thanks to those who built the road over 50 years ago. This is developed in its majority by curves linked by on top of bridges, at the edge of precipices, but always with two lanes, one in each direction.

McLaren 650S Spider Hakone

The road becomes dark by the shade of the cherry trees around us, climbing turns and changing gear and[19459003a]mong the shadows as we devour curves to climb. It seems like a climb to ecstasy, a road created for the pleasure of driving. Change “Normal mode” to “Sport” is of obligatory compliance with the McLaren 650S Spider. With this, the automatic change of double clutch 7-speed accentuates its speed of response, as well as the throttle and steering.

The brakes are carbon-ceramic series will stop at the supercar English before each curve before tackling the next and reach the summit. When you get there you can only do two things: a break in the cafeteria or down the highway. If you don’t have a McLaren 650S Spider nor the time to go to Japan, perhaps this video will help for now.

Source: McLaren