A Tesla Model S comes burning while using a supercharger

The owner of a Tesla Model S has not started the year well. The last day 1 burned their vehicle while using a supercharger Tesla at a service station in Brokelandsheia, a village near the south coast of Norway. Luckily no one was injured because the driver abandoned the vehicle moments after plugging it in.

Expected to be found your vehicle power loaded to 80% of the capacity of their batteries in about 30 minutes but we finally found was with a mass of iron and ash. Firefighters had to use foam to try to stop the combustion chemistry of the lithium-ion batteries. Vehicle little was left finally as you can see in the pictures.

Neither the fire nor Tesla even know accurately what it was that caused the fire. In the pictures it looks like both the vehicle and the supercharger were gobbled up by the flames without compassion. The vehicle is question was a Model S 2014.


So when the Tesla Model S after the fire

these moments Tesla is investigating what happened to treat that does not happen again to the extent possible. The electric vehicle is more complicated than quit burning one of combustion, but when it makes the lithium-ion batteries are highly flammable so extinguish the fire that emanates from them is really complicated. As for the owner, has not been publicly identified, nor know how to travel from now on.

this is Not the first time that a Tesla Model S comes burning. In 2013 two vehicles were victims of the flames after the discovery that the base of the battery pack was punctured because of sediment thrown under the vehicle while you are driving. The solution at that time was to reinforce the bass with titanium.