A third SUV could reach the range Porsche

Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybridwe Currently have two interpretations SUV in the range of Porsche. On the one hand the popular Cayenne model with experience in the field that has slowly been gaining a reputation in the market and enjoys great respect and admiration in the world of the four wheels. Just below it are placed at the Macan, a SUV compact that still takes its first gasps, and that it competes in a segment very demanding, with a clear focus on sports. Up to here well, the funny thing is that the latest rumors claim that could get a third SUV to the offer of the German brand. What there is of truth in all of this?

In these moments as I told the company, with headquarters in Stuttgart has good representation in the segment of the SUV. The Cayenne assumes a safe bet and the Macan continues taking off little by little. Perhaps this widespread acceptance of their todocaminos would have led to the manufacturer, this studying the possibility of offering other more, a model that would sit below the Macan and it would be more accessible and more sporty than the latter.

porsche-macan-1If these intentions materialize, we’d have a prototype in the next few years. The arrival on the market of this third option SUV would be around 2020. As I told its price would be lower than the nearly 67,000 euros in the boot of the Macan in our country, and his body would take na’s existing platform in the Volkswagen group. versions of access come with rear drive being available of course an all-wheel drive. Also come with four-cylinder engines and an automatic gearbox of double clutch.

Although this is not all. The same report adds that in addition to a third SUV the German brand would also offer a vehicle more compact than the Panamera. This model would open the range and allow the company access to other segments where you could get chop.

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