A tiny step for the return of the legendary Toyota Supra

At the beginning of 2013, Toyota and BMW signed a partnership agreement that included the development and manufacture of a sporting means for before the end of the decade. From then on, the rumors of the return of the Toyota Supra around the circles of the media. There has been no step in that development, up to now, which we see as Toyota has registered the name Supra in the Intellectual Property office european.


The last day, June 3, Toyota registered the name Supra in the intellectual property office, european

this is not To say that the legendary japanese sports are going to go back to the road, but it is significant that already has registered the name. This step can be caused by two reasons. The main one is the real intention and true Toyota to regain the sporty, something that would not happen until within a few years.

The second reason is more strategic. Many brands register their models even though there are no plans to manufacture them. In this way prevent other rival brands adopt to them, or that some taken advantage of the right to subsequently ask for high amounts of money to the mark for your award.

however we are against to opt for this last idea. We really believe that Toyota is working on the successor to the Supra, that over 14 years ago that ceased production. In the 24 years of its existence, the Supra-earned praise from around the world, both for its design as for its performance. To day of today continues to be well regarded, and it is therefore the interest of Toyota to recover commercially.


The FT-1, with its futuristic look, we anticipated the lines of a new Supra

To occur, there is still much to see it completed. A few years ago, in 2014, Toyota presented a prototype futuristic that would be the prelude to the new Supra. The Toyota FT-1 stands in the Hall of Detroit for his radical style. Anyone left indifferent, although very far left of a finished project. Hopefully we will soon know if the japanese want, finally, to return to that crazy beast that we fell in love with.