A total of 32 units of the Pagani Huayra calls to review

Pagani Huayra

32 units of the Pagani Huayra are called to fix a problem with air bags.

are We facing the greatest call to review the history of Pagani Automobili? When we talk about calls to review important, almost all of the occasions we refer to cars of mid-range or low that affects volumes of units are very important, and around the world. However, on rare occasions we find ourselves with calls to review with less than half a hundred of affected units, as in this case.

And is, as we have said before, the guys from Pagani have announced a call to review the Pagani Huayra, which affects 32 units. Through the website of the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) we learned that more than thirty units of the Pagani Huayra should be reviewed by a problem that affects the frontal airbag for the driver.

Although it may seem so, this is not a problem related to the drama of the airbags Takata. In the case of the Pagani Huayra, the problem that has resulted in this call to review is because the frontal airbag the driver may not be set properly at the wheel at the time of deploy. Something that could cause a deployment or “wrong” of the airbag with the consequent risk for the driver.

Pagani Huayra - posterior

The affected units were manufactured between April 2014 and July 2016.

Fortunately and for the moment, the NHTSA and Pagani point out that it has not been recorded that any airbag is defective has been deployed the wrong way, something that would have caused injury instead of prevent them.

In regards to the affected units, as we say, it is 32 units, all of which were manufactured between 21 April 2014 and July 29, 2016. The solution that Pagani will give to all of them is very simple, to change the fastening elements of the airbag to the steering wheel to make sure that, in case of deployment, right-click it in the right way and can fulfill its function.

As is logical, none of the owners of a Pagani Huayra affected by this call to review you will have to pay a cent for the cost of the repair. The Italian firm says that because it is putting you in contact with all the owners to set a date in which to make the relevant repair this problem.