A Toyota C-HR more sports could come in the future

Toyota C-HR deportivo Toyota C-HR is the new SUV brand nipponese and was pleasantly surprised by his distinguished look. This vehicle will be positioned below the Toyota RAV4, will hit the market this same year. But even if they do not we can see it in our streets, some sources suggest that later there will come a version more sports of this model, to stand up to the Nissan Juke Nismo.

The segment of the SUV is at a constant increase and this allows the use of hollow for some models increased power and performance. So I let it fall Hiro Koba, the lead engineer of the project C-HR, which made it clear that it is not specifically in the plans of Toyota, but would like to drive something like that. In addition to the engineer, Rembert Serrus, a high-level position of the mark has also talked about it.

Toyota C-HR vista trasera

Toyota C-HR production

The manager said that the Toyota C-HR is a car that would be to. “A sports version could be a minor change or it could be a new project. A sports version would make a lot of sense“. Remember that there will be a version of the C-HR specially Toyota Gazoo Racing, will compete in the Nürburgring 24 hours. The model that would be produced would not be so radical, but it could be the starting point.

In the case of this racing car to use an engine petrol turbo 1.5-liter that develops 180 HP. Koba even got to imply that you could get versions with a higher power. Another key would be the aerodynamic improvement of your body. Emphasis is also placed on improving aspects such as the brakes and suspension. The interior could also differ from that of series, but still have to wait to see if really this project comes to fruition.

Source – Coach