A Toyota GT 86 with an engine of a Ferrari… what a good idea?

More power. Since his arrival the public fan motor has claimed in its most power increase for the Toyota GT 86, for the coupe of Toyota twinned with the Subaru BRZ. Many preparers have been launched to increase the power of its boxer 4-cylinder, and not have been just a few changes of motorization that abound on the internet, but… what if you get a engine of Ferrari the Toyota GT 86?

the charm Of the boxer shorts to the charm of the V8 Ferrari

The “drifter” Ryan Tuerck and the signature of additives Gumout have got a Toyota GT 86 and have emptied your vain to get inside the block aspirated V8 employed by the Ferrari F430, Ferrari California and the Ferrari 458 Italia, block F136 of the Italian firm.

Japan and Italy joined in a project to which you are still left with a few more steps ahead, but since then points a way. Remember that the engine developed 460 horses in California and amounted to 605 horses in the 458 Speciale (with greater cubicaje), how many will reach the hand of this Toyota GT 86?

Recall that the Toyota GT 86 account originally with a block boxer shorts a maximum power of 4 cylinders and 2 liters of cubicaje that developed 205 horses after your last wash of the face, that you have all the details in the article “Toyota GT 86 2017: a new face and more power, although maybe not as much as you expected”.