A Toyota Hilux with the V8 Lexus IS-F, and productive anniversaries are celebrated!

We are tired of receiving press releases productive ephemeris. The car turn comes five million units produced, workers made a photo with the car and everything continues its course. But Toyota of South Africa have made the million Hilux manufactured in South Africa in a more interesting way. Creating a special issue of high performance with the help of Cosworth, who will have the footwear 5.0 V8 engine of the Lexus IS-F , suitably enhanced. We like.

A productive event we like

not Toyota will sell this unique specimen, although many consumers have asked.

Toyota of South Africa wanted to make a million Hilux produced in a special way, a true testament to the quality of the plant and the model in question. Also, they saw fit to celebrate the success of the Toyota Hilux in several rallies safari crossing the country. It all started with Toyota Motorsport Sending V8 Lexus IS-F to Cosworth, where they installed a new electronic management system. Now the propeller installed under the hood of the Toyota Hilux so special develops no less than 450 hp.

hilux-millon-post Toyota has retained the serial transmission Hilux, but spreads have been recalibrated and the clutch is signed by AP Racing . The Hilux Dakar have borrowed admission. The suspension has been completely revamped and has been lowered by no less than 50 mm. They have kept some off-road capability, but is really a pick-up that is more comfortable at tracks found in good condition, which will be a real ground-ground missile.

The new gravel tires 18-inch wheels are mounted on , within which are also installed brake discs large signed by Power Brake, with 350 mm in diameter on the front axle. The steering is quick and lives inside a new roll cage, especially important in any racing car. The cost of producing this vehicle was of a million South African rand, equivalent to just under 70,000 euros.

Have you considered the most powerful Hilux history?

Source: IOL
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