A trainer hongkonés makes of the BMW M2 sports a more impressive

throughout this year 2016, which is close to reaching its
so, there are many preparations on the BMW M2 we have known. The
latest creation of the guys from BMW M has managed to capture the attention of the
different preparers of cars that are on the loose inside and outside the
european continent. From the far Hong
, we get the last work done on this “wild colt”.

MTC Design BMW M2

BMW M2 prepared by MTC Design.

In particular, we will show you the new package of improvements developed by TCM Design, a preparer hongkonés, for the BMW M2. A full program of adjustments both on an aesthetic level as a mechanic. The developments and changes that most attract our attention is the new body kit carbon fiber designed by the trainer to improve the aerodynamics of the German model.

The new body kit for the BMW M2 prepared by MTC Design is composed, among other elements, a new splitter up front, some side skirts as well as a huge rear diffuser that adds a greater character as well as a spoiler on the trunk and a rear spoiler with a fixed large size. And if the spoiler you seems small, keep in mind that the trainer allows you choose another even bigger.

On the inside we can’t point to nothing, since the own coach has not said anything about it and have no pictures to show, therefore, that we understand that there will be no changes in this aspect. In spite of this, there are many coaches that offer you the possibility to equip a few new seats, upholstery, specific and new trim to create a totally own and to our tastes.

MTC Design BMW M2

On its front, the new splitter, carbon-fiber calls our attention.

Going to the (mechanical, what improvements we offer MTC Design? Although the preparer has not entered into details, points out that you have a catalog to increase the power of the BMW M2 to be placed very close to its older brother, the BMW M4. Let us remember that under the hood of the M2 there is a engine with 370 HP and 465 Nm of torque. Thanks to this block, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

The new package of improvements for MTC Design for the BMW M2 is already available. The result is quite interesting because seeks to deepen in the soul’s sporty and accentuate your strong character. Yes, it does not reach the end to break the mold set by BMW.