A tremendous accident on F3 opens the debate on the minimum age to compete

Zhi COng Li en un F3Zhi Cong Li, Ryan Tveter and Pedro Piquet were involved in a spectacular accident in the Formula 3 by the images it is spectacular that there are not any unfortunate victims. The accident occurred at the Red Bull Ring austrian during a race in F3. The impact left three cars damaged and the protagonists were saved miraculously life. Although we are used to that never usually happen, sometimes happens. That’s why you must take all the appropriate measures to protect the pilots.

Now this accident has reopened the debate on the minimum age for participation in these categories. By the way, referring to the protagonists, to say that Zhi Cong Li was the one who took the worst part, evacuated by helicopter to the hospital, it seems that you have detected multiple fractures of heel and four vertebrae broken. Despite the severity of the injury, is not too large for what is seen in the video, that leaves no one indifferent. In fact, when you see Tveter crumble a little bit scary…

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The accident begins when the american Tveter trompea and exits the track at turn 5 to return without control and producing a cloud of dust which hampers visibility. This causes the impact with the other two companions, first the chinese Zhi Cong Li and then the brazilian Piquet. The other two pilots has also produced some of the milder injuries in the two other drivers involved, with a strong hit in the knees without any further consequences for Tveter, who was transferred by ambulance and has already received a medical discharge. Piquet has been the best part and doesn’t seem to have damage.

For this, Toto Wolff considers that this category should compete with 18 years and that to climb to the F1 imposing a limit of 20 years of age as a minimum. Although I do not agree and do not think that this accident is due to youth, but it is true that care must be taken when security. What is certain is that what is considered as one of the accidents most spectacular of the last decade, to question the decision of the FIA have permitted the arrival of Verstappen to F1 with 17 years, although now the minimum age is set at 18 years.