A Tyrannosaurus Rex stars in the latest brilliant ad from Audi

Audi anuncio Tiranosaurio Rexadvertising has always been an important part in the world of motorsport. The necessity of calling the attention of the general public through advertisements is a difficult task, and some brands have needed to reinvent itself. Audi has always been present, and sure most will remember a few spots like the rise of a kicker ski with the quattro. Now again surprise us with their latest ad which has as its protagonist a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

that were The most feared of the dinosaurs now you feel depressed. Given the hypothetical situation that this deadly predator lived on to our days and the taunts come through the size of their upper limbs. We’ve all seen circulating on the internet some ‘memes’ on this topic, and the creativity of the advertisers Audi has been known to take advantage of it. The case is that the sadness of the Tyrannosaurus change when you pass by a dealer of the brand.

Our peculiar protagonist finds a new motivation in the Audi RS7 piloted driving. This version of the sport has been converted into an autonomous vehicle and is being tested by the brand of the four rings. The prototype has been baptized as “Bobby” and even has an improved version for the circuit which is called “Robby”. The T-Rex lights the look when he realizes that thanks to this breakthrough will be able to ‘lead’ the vehicle.

At the end of the video shows the dinosaur on the inside of the powerful sedan with the tail outside the window. The driving autonomous becomes the perfect solution to the problem of not arriving at the wheel. The RS7 piloted driving has 560 HP and can reach 305 km/h, so there’s no shortage of feelings in your car. In addition to breaking some fast laps in the circuit, this technology will serve for some future production models, such as the next Audi A8.

Source – Audi

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