A Volkswagen Caddy with front Skoda: so it would have been the new Roomster

some weeks Ago we spoke of the death of the second generation of the Skoda Roomster. That interesting hybrid between a van and a compact was in full development, when they announced the cancellation of the program, with the objective to transfer more funds to the development of the SUV through Skoda. What we didn’t know is that the new Roomster was ready to come out of the oven, and we also did not know that was going to be a Volkswagen Caddy with other emblems. Is more, Skoda would have produced 100 units whose future is now uncertain.

The Skoda Roomster second generation would have simply been a Volkswagen Caddy with front and wheels of Skoda.

The program Roomster was cancelled a few weeks ago. Its first generation was out of date, and their sales were low. Instead of developing a new car – with all the funds that this implies – Skoda chose to use a modified version of the Volkswagen Caddy. Very little changed: as soon as your front tires and would change with respect to the van German. The photos which illustrate this article would have been taken in a factory of the Volkswagen Group, and already show the final product that would be sold to the public.


Surprised by the decision to cancel strike a program already finished, and the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group might have had something to do with that decision. Because it is difficult to find other reasons: they had already produced about 100 units of a car that will never hit the streets. cuts in investment on the part of the Volkswagen Group could have been the culprit, as well as a policy of austerity budgets, which redirects financial resources where they are most needed.

Though its development would have been very affordable – and virtually at zero cost – a Skoda Roomster he would have stolen sales at a Volkswagen that you need to show that after the Dieselgate, remains as solvent and capable as before the scandal. And perhaps that is the reason, avoid canibalicen sales within the Volkswagen Group, mired in a restructuring. A restructuring that simplifies ranges and finishes with the aim of reducing their operating costs. Then, yes, we can understand this decision.


And what will happen to the 100 units already produced?

Possibly, will be achatarradas. It is a pity, but it tends to be the policy of the manufacturers. It makes No sense to sell a car that possibly would not have even received your approval and to put in question the image of a brand serious. If you are not achatarradas, could be used by Skoda as transport vehicles in their factories or perhaps donated to fire departments in Europe to practice maneuvers for the release. Be that as it may, no, you will not be able to put your hands on. a penalty.

Source: Carscoops
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