A winning combination: Vossen wheels and black SEAT Leon ST

The luxury wheels are usually the ideal complement to a car. No hesitation in luxury wheels ride in a Porsche Turbo 911 and a Bentley – considering the cost of more than four figures per piece – but why do not we go to such expensive cars. In fact, as the beautiful rims Vossen CV7 can fit into cars as a “simple” SEAT Leon ST . And they get to print the car a completely distinguished, elegant and refined character. We will know more details.

The Vossen CV7 often mounted at major Japanese luxury sedans. In a Lion they are very good.

I do not know the dimensions of these tires, but I think it will have a size of 20 inches. I tried a SEAT Leon Cupra with 19-inch wheels and were only slightly smaller. Combined with a slightly lowered suspension, this SEAT ST version León FR does look impressive. Of course, the black color and the drops of water in your body also contribute to mystery and elegance of this preparation. Ignore what engine takes the car or is enhanced.

seat-leon-vossen-4 But it really is not important, because we are focusing only on aesthetics. And to appreciate how much a car can change depending on the choice of tires chosen. Vossen Wheels is an American company which is engaged in manufacturing tires and high performance luxury. They have become famous in the world of the tuning some years now, but still are not as popular as BBS or HRE . Anyway, it’s almost a rarity meet your tires mounted on a SEAT Leon enrolled in the Netherlands.

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