A witness to history. Part I


So is the Tesla Model 3

Today is also a sad day because it is my birthday and I can’t be with my family. Having left my house at 6 in the morning, my daughter I have not been able to see. And it is, with its almost 3 years of age, already understands what a birthday, so celebrate and enjoy it, and today is the dad. But his dad is not. That is why it is a sad day, and that’s why my wife and I have decided that this year the birthday of dad goes to Sunday 30 of July, the day in which I will be back at home to celebrate with my family. It is not very orthodox, but the parents have these privileges.

To the happiness of being able to celebrate my birthday with my family Sunday will be added to the of have been able to attend the party of delivery of the first 30 units of the Tesla Model 3 at the factory in Fremont, California. And is that, as a current owner of a Model S, I participated in the referral program of Tesla and I’ve managed to convince a sufficient number of people to buy a Model S or Model X, which has led me to earn an invitation to the event. From here I want to say thanks again to all who have left bundle and have used my code in the referral program in the purchase of your Tesla.

But what exactly is this event? And why is it so important?

in early July, Tesla began producing the first units of the Model 3, electric vehicle that promises to be a sales success and its first car for the mass market. That they were to start production in July, shortly before the planned schedule is a novelty in Tesla, given its history of delays with the Roadster, the Model S and the Model X and is already a little success, but now comes the more complicated part: to increase the production capacity at exponential rate, to reach 100 units in August, 1,500 in September, and 20,000 in December of this year that has promised to Elon Musk to then make close to half a million units in 2018.

So this event is a celebration, neither more nor less, the party of delivery of the first 30 units of the Model 3. A party in which 30 employees of Tesla, and SpaceX will receive their cars, and in the hope that Musk unveils, finally, the technical details of the car that we all look forward with anxiety, as are the capacity of your battery, its autonomy, its power, etc

And this event is so important because the Model 3 is going to change the world of automotive, providing the technology disruptive fracturará the mode of travel and the trucking industry, in the same way that it made the Ford Model T at the beginning of the TWENTIETH century.

So, what is it that we know, and what should we expect from this event?

What we already know is that, to allow a production start simple and quickly elevate to the rhythms of the assembly line, the configurator of the car will initially have very few options. Basically you can choose the colour of the car and the size of the tires, a little more. Everything else will default by Tesla, and not be able to customize. Later, when the production has reached cruising speed, Tesla will begin to open the configurator to more options, such as for example the possibility of asking for the Model 3 dual motors (four-wheel drive with its two engines, mounted one on each axis). Something that Musk has estimated that could happen in late 2017, or early 2018.

in Addition, the first units produced iran aimed exclusively to employees of Tesla and SpaceX, in part as a reward for their efforts to help give birth to this project, and in part because the best way to correct the errors of initial production is delivering these units to the employees of the house who live near the factory.

we Also know that such is the level of accumulated reserves (estimated at between 400,000 and 500,000 reserves) that Tesla has to transform in orders and deliveries that the production capacity of all of 2018 is already closed. In such a way that, if you make a reservation for a Model 3 today, probably won’t receive until mid-2019.

And it is advisable remember also the most basic of Model 3, the known data since its initial presentation as a prototype in April of 2016: in its most basic will cost 35.000 $ and you will have at least 340 km of autonomy, and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds, although there will also be versions with greater autonomy, reaching easily up to 500 km real, and we’ll also have later versions performance although it does not exceed the acceleration of the Model S more wild, the P100D with so Ludicrous plus.


the interior of The Tesla Model 3

it is Also known that the Model 3 will be able to access the network of Superchargers, although it appears that this access will be paid, and that will come with all the hardware of the system autopilot, a system that can be activated by using a payment option (as is the case with their older siblings, the Model S and Model X).

finally, Tesla announced a few days ago that the name of the winner of the video-contest “Project LOVEDAY”, whose videos can be voted on through Twitter (the winner will be the most likes get among the 10 finalists) will be announced at the party.

All of this is what is known. And it is also known that, although Musk has said that will take the stage at 21:00 hours (6:00 hours of the morning of Saturday 29 in Spain), always seems to arrive late… and always brings surprises under the arm. So I recommend to get up early and visit the website of Tesla to see the event live.

The Model 3 will be the first electric vehicle mass because starting with$ 35,000 are affordable for millions of people. Tesla has managed to follow step-by-step in the master plan of Elon Musk, and has created an electric car with a spectacular design and performance, autonomy included, which will allow you to be the main vehicle of almost any family.

Tesla feel the foundations for a revolution in the world of automotive, a foundation on which millions of people will build an unstoppable change, abrupt, and disruptive, that leave a victim on the road (in the style of Kodak and Nokia) and that will improve our quality of life, allowing us to breathe clean air, suffer less respiratory disease, less noise pollution, and accelerate the transition towards the use of renewable energies. Do you want to join the change?