A7 and A7 Coupe, the new Audi in the market

Audi A7 throws of to compete with the big sports brands, will Lamborghini, Porsche and Mercedes to be very aware of the actions to develop Audi .

A7 in the A8 , with the same basic structure, but with a very aggressive design, sporty lines par excellence and supreme elegance.

audi a 7

In engines, the A 7 be in the same range of diesel engines and powerful V6 and V8 petrol. The Audi A7 presents a significant size, similar to the A8, its design distance him to the sport with multiple angles, 20 “wheels, LED lights and lightweight chassis.

Audi competes directly with Mercedes and CLS model, among other things, there will be great rivalry. The A7 comes from the influence of the Sportback Concept Audi occurred years ago point of inspiration to German house not stand with folded arms, will release Audi S7 and Audi RS7, competing with prestigious supercars such as:. Estoque Lamborghini and Porsche Panamera house brand

audi a 7 coupe But there is more: launches Audi A7 Coupe 3 Doors and compete squarely with Mercedes E Coupe difficult action to Audi, as E Coupe conveniently reputation in the market.

Features A7 is spectacular:

-Carrocería in 11 colors

-Technology art.

-System lane

Active Cruise Control

-System parking assistant

-Projection data

-Set with extraordinary features.

-Interior luxury with lots of

-Roof panorama

-Technology point between wood and leather details

Mercedes, Lamborghini and Porsche, plus all of the high levels of the market, can start and accelerate to the target of all, corner market, to achieve a high percentage within margin luxury because Audi A7 comes with all the strength, grip, technology, luxury and harmony to come first.

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