Abarth 124 Spider, why not?


Recently presented in Salon Los Angeles 2015, Fiat 124 Spider not only represents the return of an iconic name to the brand of Turin, but also the return of a vehicle concept forgotten by the brand in recent years: roadster two-seater roof canvas, light weight, small dimensions and with the pleasure of driving by the flag.

Fiat 124 Spider has been developed along with the new Mazda MX-5, and both share their platform, which leads us to another of their most outstanding features: propulsion rear. In fact, the comparison between the Fiat 124 Spider and the Mazda MX-5 is more than interesting, but beyond certain technical aspects there are to say that the exterior design -not the interior – it is quite different in both.

In the united States, the Fiat 124 Spider will come with 160 HP and automatic, while in Europe we will have to make do with less power, 140 HP from the engine 1.4 MultiAir. This leaves room for an eagerly awaited version Abarth more powerful and radical, and in fact there are quite a few ballots for that to happen.


The Fiat Abarth 124 Spider original, with its front hood in matte black (Image: Raffaele Sergi)

In the absence of an official confirmation, the first attempts to visualize a future Abarth 124 Spider to come to light. X-Tomi Design shows us a first approach to the model, in which the digital artist uses the color red in their body, with mirrors and upright windshield in black color and vinyl ‘Abarth’ on their side. The logo of the scorpion is present in your front, as well as a new grille more sporty and alloy wheels specific.

But pay attention, because on PistonHeads give for the safe arrival of this Abarth 124 Spider and provide new information. According to leaks close to the mark, it will arrive with the same engines 1.4 MultiAir to the Abarth 500, in two versions with 160 HP or 190 HP, with a more aggressive design and a setup for your chassis, very sporty.

Optionally, the Abarth 124 Spider will be able to incorporate details such as a front hood in matte black or a metal roof, resulting in a design very differentiated with respect to the Fiat 124 Spider starting. But if this seems little, hang on tight: in PistonHeads claim that the Abarth 124 will compete in the WRC from 2017, within a new category, marking the return of official Abarth in rally…