Abarth 595 Tiger Man, the last toy Lapo Elkann


Garage Italy Customs specially developed the design of this Abarth 595 Custom Lapo Elkann . They called [1.99901 million] Tiger Man and is known for having a body and an interior where tiger skin is the protagonist.


Abarth-595-Tiger-Man L apo Elkann, the eccentric family heir Agnelli is no stranger to such creations, but this time has chosen to entrust the specialized house tuning based in Milano Garage Italy Customs creating an Abarth 595 and named [1.99901 million] Tiger Man .

Lapo Elkann has commissioned a 595 Abarth clad in tiger skin.

As its name suggests, the theme that dominates this small Abarth made to order is the tiger. That is why the orange and black colors are dominant not only your body but also inside.

The body was fully coated with five layers of film high gloss with one aspect of tiger skin that runs longitudinally. But inside, creativity succeeded in various shades preparer.

The upholstery of the doors is made from a fabric of black color with details thread orange , while the top and bottom of the door is coated Alcantara in black , like the steering wheel and the top of the board, both of which also have seams in orange.

Both seats and door also has some sectors with fabric that mimics tiger skin detail that is repeated in the lining board and even in a small the center of the wheel sector. As a final detail, a tiger’s head is embroidered on the front headrests sector.





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