Abarth Classiche, keeping alive the whole history of Abarth

abarth-classic (2)Say that we can never forget where we come from, and that our greatest asset is precisely the history that we have behind. In this way, and lately to a greater extent, a growing number of museums or divisions, within the world of the engine, and actually in several sectors of the market generates, which lead aim to honor or remember the past of the manufacturer, even to offer products of the past with the quality and the service of the present.

Precisely a project of these characteristics is what we present Abarth. Baptized with the name of Abarth Classiche, this initiative of the famous Italian brand founded in 1949 is coming to do a review since those fifties until our days, allowing anyone to live these more than fifty years of work. With the aim of keeping alive the DNA Abarth, offer from restorations with parts of the own brand to a museum that will be open permanently for anyone who wants to know the brand story of Carlo Abarth.

The restoration workshop

abarth-classic (1)One of the most important points from articulating this new project of the scorpion is the workshop inauguraban the past 18 of November in Turin. Located in the workshops of Abarth of Mirafiori, this space, which has about 900 square meters, is dedicated to the restoration of the models of the firm, whether street or competition. In addition is a team that which has been documented to provide the client component with official certification that have the maximum conformity with the original.

From this same place, the brand owned by the Fiat group since 1971 warrant with the certificate Abarth Componenti Meccanic engine parts, exhaust, change or suspension have been reviewed in detail. To achieve this, we have enough machinery capable of rebuilding these components with the greatest rigor possible, it being impossible to find these accessories in the market. And is that even the owner of the model Abarth can ask for a transport service, to arrange a visit, or, once begun the work, to be aware of each restoration phase that will go by completing.

Live the history of Abarth from within

abarth-500 (2)in Addition to make available to the client a workshop dedicated to the restoration, the same initiative creates the Log Abarth, with which we can engage fully in the world of Abarth. Similar to the Registro Fiat Italiano, dependent on him, this organization coordinates the activities that go through the creation of a whole club dynamic. At the international level will be organized various activities, among which stand out cultural events, fairs, exhibition, rallies and even races. And is that, as you know, Abarth has always been associated heavily with the world of competition.

while, the concentrations of the brand will provide a nexus of union between the fans of Abarth, meeting with events in which the followers of the brand will be able to share their experiences and their passion for the scorpion. Also, this project has a museum standing in the that we will be able to review the history of the brand from its origins to today, through the purchase by the Fiat group in 1971. In this space we will be able to enjoy some of the best models of the TWENTIETH century, prototypes, vehicles, processed or even rally cars.

Models that have marked an era

abarth-2000All vehicles produced since the fifties may be restored by Abarth Classiche. As we said, both those that were created for riding roads such as those oriented to the world of racing, as well as models Lancia has passed through the hands of Abarth, are included in this project. So we highlight great models such as the Abarth “2000” on the basis of the Alfa Romeo 1900 Sprint, the 750 Zagato Record Monza” and the larger 2200 and 2400, the Fiat Abarth 2300 S Coupe, 850 OT, 1000, OTS and OT 2000.

Impossible to leave in oblivion the Lancia Rally (037), the Delta S4 and all versions 4×4 of the same model, the Fiat Cinquecento 900 and the Sporting Kit. And it is that history is littered with moments of adrenalin-charged and burning rubber smell that this project seeks to rescue from the past and being impregnated in the skin of their followers.

The story, also in paper

abarth-500-bi-colore-edition, And this initiative does not end here. It will also be available a series of books consisting of three volumes which tells the whole history of the brand. Written by Sergio Seccatore and entitled “Abarth: the Scorpion’s tale”, it will become the bible for the followers.

Source – Abarth