Abiteboul defended Palmer, but “Renault must look for its future”


The seats in Formula 1 represent an element very special for any pilot belonging to the same category, or even by some other from lower categories that stands out above the rest, as is the case of Charles Leclerc or Lando Norris, not to mention the options of Robert Kubica finishing in a F1.

Renault was made with the services of Nico Hülkenberg in the past year, following the departure of Kevin Magnussen to Haas, and so far it is the only one of the two men in the team of the diamond that has achieved points for the French. On the other side of the box, Jolyon Palmer, whose best position so far this season is 11th-placed.

“Frankly, if he manages to turn the situation, something they already did last year, we are completely open to a future between the team and Jo for one more season”, said Cyril Abiteboul, head of Renault. The results do not just come for the british, and to have passed the ecuador of the season, their position in the Formula 1 is in danger. “The stability would be good for the team, also is what we wanted last year, we didn’t want to change to the two pilots after the signing of Nico”.

Abiteboul suggests that “the situation could be made in their favour, but, in the end, it is in your hands”, although at the moment it seems that something go to end up happening. “He is aware that it now has a one-year contract, and fully understands that the team has to assess their options for the future”, explained the responsible parisian.


Palmer has been overwhelmed by the mechanical failures this season and a pace that does not end of find.

however, the poor reliability lastró to the structure of Enstone since the pre-season test led to the team starting the year from a position that was not what they hoped, which is why they had to continue to roll with the MGU-K of 2016 and its performance is adversely affected.

According to Abiteboul, “we have seen very good things of Jo; during the test of winter, in the season, and in each session”, and also “is able to draw really well, the pace of the car, does a very good job giving the feedback and is very committed with the team,”, but it considers that the mechanical defects have affected their confidence.

“at The same time, there has been a mixture of mistakes and squandered opportunities. It is clear that the unreliability has not helped, as it has been most marked clearly on your side of the garage”, said the entrepreneur gaul. Their driving errors you have played more of a bad joke, but the breaks in the RS17 also have influenced their results. “I Think that this mix has led to a lack of self-confidence, the ability to troubleshoot the difficulties that any pilot would be in a weekend or a season”.

The lack of reliability has been more pronounced on his side of the garage and has done to lose the trust

by way of conclusion, Abiteboul believes that “that lack of confidence has transformed into a sort of ball of snow, leading to the situation that we have now”, but admits that he puts all his efforts to the #30 stop being one of only three riders who have not scored to date, alongside Marcus Ericsson and Antonio Giovinazzi. “I’m Really trying to protect Jo and confirm almost daily with my support and that of the entire team, to restore that confidence in himself and the team. It is not something you get in a day”.