Abiteboul prefer to go “step by step” with Kubica, “it could end up in an F1”


Robert Kubica is closer to the Formula 1 that never in the last few years. After the day of tests that he conducted along with his former team, the highest category of motor racing in Valencia, the pole has become to get in a car with Renault, and this time he has been at Paul Ricard, where he has completed almost a hundred laps.

The injury on his arm that drags in the aftermath of the accident in that stretch of the Rally di Andora complicated the order to perform the duties that any other pilot would do with absolute normal. However, with a few small modifications on the steering wheel, Kubica has been able to revive feelings of the past, analyzing how much has been lost with respect to his time in F1 from 2006 to 2010.

“We have to be careful with things like”, says the head of the team of the diamond. “Robert is a guy with character and emotional, but in this case we have to leave emotions to one side. We’d all like to see this happen, but we need to adopt a very pragmatic approach about the situation,”. Cyril Abiteboul prefer to keep their feet on the ground and think of your pilot in an objective manner, without feelings to interfere with the decision which may be taken. “That is our responsibility”.

In this case we have to leave emotions to one side

The season 2017 account multi-session test during the year, such as the one that took place in Bahrain. The following quote similar will take place after the Hungarian Grand Prix, where the young riders will be able to try a car today, and Kubica could appear with the RS17 between his hands. “we don’t want to speculate on future tests in these moments”, clarifies Abiteboul. “we Want to make it clear that the fact that Kubica perform these tests with the purpose to advance in your assessment of what can and can’t do. It does not necessarily mean that, if the test is positive, Robert he will drive for Renault next year, it is something more complicated than that”.

it does Not necessarily mean that, if the test is positive, Robert he will drive for Renault next year

The French prefer “go step by step, with much care”, because Robert is a pilot and very dear in the structure gala and I would not want to say any word more. Medical check-ups to undergo the pilot that one day shone in F1 are commonplace, to control the evolution of your injuries, and that leads to the representative of Renault to take the things with calm. “Who knows, if the test goes well, and the following steps are correct, maybe you could finish in a F1”.

on the other hand, Sergey Sirotkin, test driver of the team that tested together with the Polish in the first private tests organized, is of the opinion that it was truly competitive, able to show their ability as it did before the accident. “we Work with different programs and at different times in the track. We didn’t have a goal of comparing anything, and each did their work separately,”. The Russian admitted that, to some extent, Robert did better lap times than him, but perhaps was due to the difference of the tests that were both. What is certain is that if Kubica can perform as required in Formula 1, will make things complicated to Jolyon Palmer in his future with Renault, but at the moment everything is up in the air.