Abiteboul says that F1 must change or it will disappear


The workhorse of the last few years in Formula 1 has
been the containment of costs, an issue that has generated multiple
disputes between the protagonists of the championship and various
regulation changes that, as a general rule, have not worked.

Cyril Abiteboul, managing Director of the Renault team, insists
an interview with the middle German Auto Motor und Sport,
Formula 1 needs to redefine its model, for which it is
imperative “management is more strong and a FIA

The Formula 1 teams, as well as the promoters and
sponsors, have a lot of weight in the decisions that are made,
as members of the World Council. Himself Ecclestone has
commented on many occasions that the Formula 1 should be less
democratic and Abiteboul agrees, commenting in addition that
“there is that to reduce costs, otherwise the Formula 1 will go away.”

“We are investing a lot and every time less people can see our sport, it makes no sense

Not only that, but warning about the danger to him
are the recent agreements reached by Ecclestone with the
pay tv, which does not offer the Big Prizes in open,
decreasing radically the hearings and harming
sponsors. “We are investing a lot and fewer and fewer people
you can view our sport, it makes no sense. The change of TF1 Channel
Plus (in France) has killed the interest in Formula 1. We are a
French manufacturer, so first we target the sponsors
French, but the Formula 1 does not already exist in France. It is now
impossible to bring a French company to the F1”

Abiteboul puts it as a counterpoint to what has been done by the organizers
of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, according to him, are a great example of
how to do things right. “cheap Tickets and television
open. It is a single race, but if that model is extended to the
Formula 1, we would have a great sport, many teams would be
well-funded, Sauber would not be close to bankruptcy
and others

The budget ceiling is something that Max Mosley, former
President of the FIA, attempted to introduce, but finally
dismissed. Cyril Abiteboul believes that limiting the budgets of the
teams to 100 or 150 million euros, along with the stockings
as described above, would improve things a lot. “I Think
sponsors are still going to score differences, because even they would prefer to
Ferrari on Manor. Right now we struggle to find
sponsors, not because the F1 is not interesting, simply
because it is extremely expensive. And there are no new manufacturers who want to
,” he concluded emphatically.


The objective of Renault has not changed

“The last three races have been tougher than expected,
possibly more than we anticipated at the beginning of the year. In
in any case, nothing changes our long-term objectives. Only
we need to reset the that we have marked short-and medium –
, ensures Abiteboul after seeing how the team has dallied with
the last positions of the grid in the last few races.

“we Must improve in qualifying and aerodynamics

The car is not performing as expected, even though
all at Renault had assumed that this would be a year of
transition. “we’ve Already introduced the evolution engine, and
we know that it is one of the strongest parts of the car. Also
we have taken steps in terms of mechanical grip and balance, the
riders are more satisfied with their behavior. With all
this identified, it is much simpler to work in our
weaknesses. In particular, we must improve in qualifying and
aerodynamics. The circuits of curves of low-speed, we have not been

Renault is ninth in the overall standings of the World Championship for Constructors, with just nine points and ahead of the two teams that still have his locker to zero: Sauber and Manor.