Abiteboul: “The Renault engine has the potential to match Mercedes”


The season 2017 is a year of consolidation for Renault F1. It may sound contrary to the large volume of changes that are drawing the fruit of the new technical regulation, but the big premise of the French team, after years of turbulent is building their project. Level of biker, Renault will present a new combustion engine, and a new ERS that according to Cyril Abiteboul have the potential to offer a performance similar to the power unit of Mercedes, even if not immediately. If so, Red Bull will have the necessary weapons to fight for the title and Renault the necessary tool for make the leap to the half of the grill.

We need to confirm the change that we started last year, because it has not yet been completed” has explained Cyril Abiteboul in statements to ‘Motorsport.com’. In this line, the manager of Renault added: We have a engine architecture, completely new that we present this year and the first challenge is to make it a reliable motor. We already know with certainty that the Renault engine has the potential to match the Mercedes engine, there is no doubt about that and maybe even we can overcome them in the future. But first it has to be reliable, that is the main challenge and this is what we want to achieve. The reliability will also be important to develop the chassis“.

all in all, Renault is facing a extensive restructuring
of their factories in Viry-Chatillon and Enstone
. For your base design and construction
engine, the French firm seeks to reduce its volume of operations to
focus on this new power units. That means that it will search for
to improve the quality of the workers and not the amount. For his part, in
Enstone, have been recruited about 100 people to work on the chassis,
representing an increase of 20% of the workforce. Now this staff has to
seat and the key happens by choosing the Heads of Department adecuados.


The output of Fred Vasseur has been a setback in this
aspect, while the arrival of Pete Machin as the new head of
aerodynamics is the first step in this mission. It will not be the only
incorporation throughout the season, although the man called to do
hinge between the two factories is Bob Bel
l. His extensive experience is your best guarantee
and this is why Bell will oversee the work of engineers
Enstone and Viry-Chatillon. In fact, the role of Bell is crucial to
coordinate the task of RĂ©mi Taffin, Chief of Engines, and Nick Chester, Head of

Bob Bell has the purpose of ensuring a focus
strategic efficient and consistent between the two factories
, without a doubt
optimize the resources of Renault, a fundamental aspect of Abiteboul, already
the French firm lacks the budgets of the strongest teams in
the grill: “We have more funds than all, to the margin of the three best
equipment. You have to be able to fight against Willaims, against Force India or
against Toro Rosso
and, in fact, the objective must be overcome during the course
of the season. I hope that our rate of development once you have applied all
these changes will be stronger than these teams”.