Above IS Roush Edition, once upon a time, a boat with an engine of a Ford F-150 Raptor

Supra Boats is a manufacturer of sport boats. We could say that they are the Porsche of the water, designed to reach great speeds and at the same time be manoeuvrable. Supra is also specialized in niche water-skiers, installing in their boats accessories where wakeboarders can be attached with ease. It takes a lot of power to move properly a boat on the water, on the order of hundreds and hundreds of horsepower. His latest boat has power SVT Raptor.

The engine has been conveniently isolated from the water, and also its power has increased from its 411 HP of series.

Under the hull of the boat, Supra Boats – in collaboration with Roush, a famed trainer of Ford – has mounted a version powered by the 6.2 V8 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor of the first generation. The engine now develops 500 HP and more than 780 Nm of torque, which is transmitted to the water via two jet nozzles. The acceleration of this boat is superior to that of the Above, the range of more power and performance of Supra Boats, which also sponsors championships of water-skiing and wakeboarding.


Addition to a engine of enormous power, the boat has a menacing look. His helmet has been decorated with motifs of colors aggressive, and installed a cover for the cockpit, with lights that mimic the lights of an off-roader. The interior of the boat and your cockpit itself seems straight out of a car. We have a flyer with the dynamic aspect, instrumentation with blue background, speedometer and cuentavueltas, as well as an accelerator lever with a red door handle. No, this kind of boats don’t have pedals.

The logo of Roush can be found on the seats and in different parts of the helmet A sports seat and leather load racks aluminum, machined from a solid block of aluminum. A system touch infotainment consolidates the functions of audio, GPS, and monitoring the state of the boat. The icing on the cake, puts a sound system, JL Audio high performance composite of several speakers, subwoofer and amplifiers. To mount a good party on the water.


Source: GTSpirit
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