Absolute Control over the car is what they want in the police force of London


A recurring theme in the films that present us with a society futurist is the control that has the police about the criminality. The clearest example would be Minority Report, where a special unit was able to anticipate crimes that had not yet been committed.

as seen, these ideas could have motivated the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police of London, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe to make some curious statements about what is expected of the vehicles of the future and the actions of the police on them.

His words were: “The ideal situation would be that contásemos with a device capable of stopping cars. That weigh-in on the electronic installation now that the vehicles are more dependent on the electronics. This way, you could stop cars safely”.

what that refers To is that the cars take equipped a system which could access the police remotely and stop the vehicle when the situation requires it. This system could also be a part of the car connected.

Although the idea sounds attractive, since would facilitate the arrest of reckless drivers and would end of the persecutions police, keep in mind that this system would violate the rights of the citizens as well as their freedom and privacy.

Also keep in mind that the systems that are responsible for controlling the driving of the cars are not a great challenge for the hackers and they could use the control of the car for what they want anymore.

As for all that will have to study carefully the point at which you can get the technology and the ethical values inherent in its use.