Absurd but true: the EPA will be a well-known detractor of the environment


standards anti-pollution of US are at real danger.

Finally, the senate of the united States has confirmed the nomination of Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA. To say that on this occasion, Donald Trump has put the wolf to take care of the lambs is an understatement, as Pruitt has practically based his career on fighting strongly to the EPA, the agency that ironically now controls.

The vote was settled with a margin quite narrow, 52 to 46, which would be better for the Republicans, the party in power, to place a famous holocaust denier of climate change and strong aggressor of environmental policies precisely to take care of the quality of the air and water of this nation.

If the united States was already one of the few countries that had not ratified the Kyoto Protocol, with Pruitt at the front of the body most responsible for fight against the pollution we can expect any thing.


Donald Trump has already gotten away with it.

The criticism of the appointment have not been few, including the agency itself, that since he met his nomination has not stopped working to avoid this appointment. In fact, are investigating all of his electronic communications from his years as a prosecutor in Oklahoma, some 3,000 emails between Pruitt and senior executives of the oil industry, although not yet studied these documents. This was the main argument to stop his appointment, but has been in vain.

In terms of what we can expect from his work in front of the EPA the most pessimistic already point that simple and simple will undo all the work of the agency these last few years.

Pruitt is convinced that the measures anti-pollution are a simple hindrance to business progress, something that does not bother to hide. Up until now, has only declared that under his watch will work with an approach of “federalism cooperative,” and that would not mean the end of environmental regulation at the national level, but rather “a significant collaboration between the EPA and the states to achieve important environmental objectives”.


Scott Pruitt.

however, one of the first measures that are expected to take is the
to delete certain rules of water pollution and the Plan of
Clean energy
which obliges states to reduce emissions of gases
of the greenhouse effect in the generation of electricity.

his mandate in the EPA is expected to basically change all the rules and regulations that may “disturb” the industry, basically to the oil. That is practically demonstrated their relationship. What would derail years and years of work for an agency that already had the disadvantage of working in one of the countries most polluting of the planet.