ABT creates the RS6+ 705 HP, which is even more gross than the Audi RS6

ABT RS6+ para el Salón de Ginebra

At this point it is necessary to remember that the Geneva motor show is the largest showcase car in the world. There, the different manufacturers and brands car show new products, prototypes and technologies; an appointment which all passionate about the motor should I visit on occasion. But besides all this, external companies such as ABT Sportsline showcase their latest preparations on models of series.

ABT is a trainer specialist in Audi and Volkswagen car models that has a very high reputation, being recognized all over the planet. At the Geneva motor show has taken place over several models, like an Audi R8, an Audi SQ7 and an Audi TT RS. To them we must add this ABT RS6+ that, taking the basis of the already impressive Audi RS6 Avant performante, you get an image and performance are worthy of admiration, that we don’t see every day.

ABT RS6+ para el Salón de Ginebra

coach German has stated that it will be manufactured only and exclusively to 50 units its ABT RS6+. On A visual level, we can appreciate an image so much more aggressive with carbon fiber in the thin front spoiler, mirror housings, side skirts and rear or in the back spoiler. It is also a place for air intakes in the wheel arches, new exhaust outlets, or the huge wheels, 22-inch in pitch dark.

But the modification more interesting, not noticeable to the naked eye, and it is the performance of your propeller V8 4-litre supercharged. The Audi RS6 Avant performance series has an output of 605 HP. Preparer ABT did not seem too many and thought that the heart of the great saloon family needed even more energy, extracting nothing less than 705 HP and 880 Nm. This represents an increase of 100 HP and 130 Nm, an increase in benefits that should be noted when driving this beast.

ABT RS6+ para el Salón de Ginebra

Source – ABT