AC Cars will make the Cobra mkI original 1962


AC Cars will return to re-edit the Cobra original.

The signature of sporting british AC Cars recently announced it was the next production of a short series of AC Cobra original, with the same specifications available to the first model that came out of his facilities in 1962.

Precisely, just a few days ago was auctioned off in Monterey in 2016 the first unit of the Shelby Cobra, the issue that started the legend of the model, and up to the time of being put up for sale had belonged to the same Carroll Shelby all the time, being now the american sport most expensive in history, has come to pay more in a public auction.

we do Not know if it is precisely the auction of this peculiar specimen has been the trigger for this curious decision on the part of AC Cars, or if on the contrary, it was something that had planning since a while ago. It is important to note that we are talking about the british brand, not the company Carroll Shelby, Shelby American Inc, with headquarters in the united States.


Cobra CSX 2000, the first exemplary assembly for AC and Shelby.

they will only be made 9 copies of this special model, which will receive the denomination AC Cobra MkI 260 Legacy Edition. all of them will have the same technical specifications, identical to those of the first specimen was assembled and lucia to the number of chassis CSX 2000.

they will have the V8 engine of origin Ford 260 cubic inches, 4.26 liters displacement, which at that time was delivering about 260 horsepower. Interestingly, that engine was not the original block that was installed in the first Cobra, which in Great Britain was assembled the first option mechanics provided by Ford, the then new block V8 221, of about 3.62 litres, and that was quickly replaced by the new V8 260 nothing more arrive at the site of Carroll Shelby.

At the technical level, these 9 pieces will be identical to the original, calcando frame and scheme of suspensions. To which, at the front of the project is the historian of the brand, Steve Gray.


The block Ford V8 260, with about 260 horses.

The production of these specimens will begin at the end of this year, with a starting price of 500,000 pounds, a few 595.460 euros or us $ 670,000 at current exchange. The first deliveries will be made mid next year, 2017.