AC Schnitzer enhances BMW M3 and M4, and the result is spectacular

The series M is a living legend of motorsport. Few or very few dare to modify them, but not so AC Schnitzer that not only has had a hand in the BMW M3, but has also been in charge of retouching your version of the coupé, the BMW M4. The result is obvious. A great aesthetic work, but mostly mechanical.


To be higher behind, the M3 and M4 are more threatening

In the section of the design, the guys from Aachen have decided not to risk too much. Small tweaks here and there to improve the present. A lip to the front bumper, aletines aerodynamic, tire design, rear diffuser, two spoilers, different are now a part of the body. All these elements are made in carbon fiber.

all this is in addition to a reduction of the height, 25-30 mm at the front axle, and 10-15 mm at the rear axle, which implies not only a greater degree of aggressiveness, but also a better ride, although for this reason, the AC Schnitzer has focused on the engine and other dynamic elements such as the suspensions or the brakes.

As we have already said that more changes in these M3 and M4 is the engine. The block is the same as that presented by BMW, the engine six-cylinder in-line biturbo, but unlike the 431 HP that presented in the units of the series, in this case, they have 510 HP. An increase of 79 horsepower and 95 Nm of torque.


A modified exhaust to roar at the same pace that the beast

To achieve such a rise of horses the engineers have focused on the electronic control unit. Finally, the exhaust system has also been improved. This not only allows a better output of the gases, but the sound has been corrected in order to get a roar more exaggerated, according to the beasts that represents.