Access models of Mercedes-Benz will be front-wheel-drive

Mercedes Concept A Sedan

When we saw the announcement of “Something is happening in Mercedes” could not even imagine that in addition to the arrival of the new Class would come other surprises. The first we gave it in the front with the incorporation of the block diesel 1.5 dCi with 109 hp Renault. The second consolidation in the mark of the star of a platform of traction at the front axle. Technically, it is something that does not stick with a premium brand such as Mercedes-Benz, but on an economic level, is what do you need? in order to be profitable.

The current platform MFA front-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz is going very well dynamically but has some technical problems that will be solved in its second iteration. The MFA2 is the name that will be used and, if it is to solve the conflicts that are there with Nissan and Infiniti, will give life to more than a dozen models. So soon the first model to hit the market over it will be the successor to the current Class, since their life cycle is about to enter decline.

Mercedes Concept A Sedan

however, in the Salon Automobile de Shanghai we have had news of what you are planning the German firm. According to Ola Källenius, member of the Board of Directors of Mercedes-Benz, the new front wheel drive platform will serve to create up to eight new models within the brand. In the appointment asian Källenius did not say what would be the models that will be based in the MFA2, but by the employment that is the current basis is not difficult to figure out your segment, and names.

The Class in its different variants of body (hatchback, sedan and sedan with battle extended to China) will be the first. After him will come the compact mpv, B-Class, and closed the short list is the CLA, GLA and new GLB. These models represent the gateway to the portfolio of the German manufacturer and therefore those that represent the greatest percentage of their sales.

all in all, in order to avoid that the most demanding customers can go to other rival brands, the development engineers of Mercedes-Benz will provide this platform of new technical qualities. The intent of this improvement is so that they can develop on it new versions AMG of up to 250 cv (as a step for access). As they reach the models on the market will develop powerful versions in function of their demand, but all at the front axle or with a cast four-wheel electronically.

Source – Mercedes-Benz

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