Accessories TRD for the Toyota GT86 2017: more aggressiveness and customization


The Toyota GT86 2017 is not yet on sale: on sale in Spain before the end of 2016, releasing a ‘restyling’ the compact coupe features a few horses more -reaching the 205 HP – and small cosmetic changes, highlighting its front side with new LED optics and bumper.

Meanwhile, in Japan already announced a package of accessories TRD, with the new Toyota GT86 reaches new levels of aesthetic and a style that is much more sporty and aggressive. The signature of Toyota Racing Development will be a guarantee of quality, mode tuning from the factory, and each one of these accessories will be available individually.

TRD will offer a spoiler lower a lot more prominent to your front bumper, as well as a new grille for the same. They are also very eye-catching your side skirts, or a extension for the rear bumper that includes a diffuser aerodynamic of a different design that is finished with quad exhaust outlet chrome-plated.


Other aesthetic details featured are the mouldings of the effect of carbon in the line of their mirrors, which extend to the front wings, or a rear spoiler on its tailgate.

TRD also offer three designs of alloy wheels in 17 inch and 18-inch, along with two details that will improve the dynamic performance of the coupé: adjustable suspension threaded and a bar on the turrets of the suspension to increase the stiffness.

Not announced improvements to its engine, and those that want more power on the 205 HP the 2.0-liter boxer should resort to preparations of third parties. The kit from TRD for the Toyota GT86 will be available in Japan, but here in Spain the own Toyota will also offer original accessories for the model in your catalog.