According to Alonso, the expectations for 2017 are “much higher”


Fernando Alonso, which does not usually lend itself to creating high expectations, recognises that what he learned this season should serve to McLaren to take a huge step forward in the grill.

The improvement of ostensible reliability, along with the change of regulations, will allow the team to move forward with firmness. “we’ll Improve a lot next year because we have learned a lot this year, as we did the previous one. But this year we have had less reliability problems, and we are in a position to learn a lot more with the laps we completed, so I expect a big step forward next year in the thruster unit”, stated Fernando Alonso in a meeting with the press shifted to Singapore.

For Alonso, the regulatory change is a great opportunity, although it carries a high risk of having to face the unknown. “There are questions about aerodynamics and the interpretation of the rules, so I hope it is a good opportunity to catch up (to the top teams). The expectations for the coming year, not limited to points, are much higher”, and told the Spanish.

The first victory: a great time

And is that Fernando Alonso has no doubt that the first victory of the team in association with Honda will end up coming and, when that happens, it will be a very special moment. “Yes, the first victory of this project will be a great time
for all of us. I don’t know if I will have the opportunity, if Stoffel
(Vandoorne) will have it. But when the first win comes, all
those involved in this project from the very first day -that we were
ten seconds behind in winter testing last year, to
5.8 seconds in Australia in the first race of last year-,
it will be a great achievement and we feel very proud”
, says the spaniard, who has believed from the beginning in the success of the project.

The phase of winter will be decisive for taking that great step forward in 2017 and Fernando Alonso recalls how quickly it all happens in the Formula 1, stressing that there will be no time for relaxation if you want to be successful. “To make it real, we need to work very hard during the
next few months and we need to accelerate the process because the Formula
1 do not expect ever. Things change rapidly, new standards
come next year, so there is no time to relax”
, concluded the Spanish driver.