According to Dekra the cars that break down are…

Prueba Toyota Yaris HybridOne of the premises at the time of purchasing a new car is that it does not spoil too much. no one likes To have that happen more times than desired by the workshop and more for faults that should not be to give in a new vehicle. However, that a car comes out good or bad does not depend on us. It’s like playing the lottery and if you have the winning ticket you win the prize home.

And as this life is thus, by a ranking we can to know what are the cars that more or less breakdowns have. In this case tap to talk about the least tear, . To do this, the German company Dekra has made a report that sorts the cars according to the segment to which they belong, and once organized places, depending on the number of failures that have been presented so far in 2016.

Volvo S60The methodology used by Dekra to carry out this report includes failures that do not arise out of the use and maintenance of the driver. That is to say, unlike other reports, including the mechanical failure that may have the vehicle and are not derived from the misuse or ignorance (see elements of infotainment) of the driver.

in Addition, to group the faults it has divided the models in terms of the mileage that they have. We have created three groups, the first between 0 and 50,000 km, the second from 50.0001 to 100,000 miles and the third and last of 100,001 to 150,000 kilometres. By this classification controlling faults, depending on use and wear, and other factors related to the use.

The list of models with lower failure rates in the year so far, grouped by segments are the following:

– Utilities: Toyota Yaris

– Compact: Honda Civic

– Sedans stockings: Volvo S60/V60

– Sedans big: Mercedes-Benz CLS

– Sports and convertibles: Mercedes-Benz SLK

– SUVS: Mercedes-Benz-M-Class

– Mpvs: Mercedes-Benz B-Class

As is logical, models that lower rate of breakdowns you have are grouped into the first group of kilometers. This is more than evident, because the wear is not yet charged and it is when you are in a better state. We are surprised how Mercedes-Benz occupies four of the eight segments studied. How is normal Toyota and Honda are demonstrating their engineering and also are very well-positioned. The surprise of the da Volvo with their S60/V60 a saloon very discreet at all.

Source – Dekra

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