According to Ganvam, the death of the Plan PIVE as you note in the sales

Coches nuevos campaSpain is one of the countries of the European Union worse than what is happening with the economic crisis. Sales of new vehicles plummeted to levels already forgotten and it seemed that the situation would not have agreement. However, Plan PIVE came to our lives, to solve a double problem. For a part attempting to rejuvenate the average age of the fleet of vehicles in Spain and on the other part to encourage the sale of new motor vehicles.

however, as every action has a reaction, the Plan PIVE was not going to be less. During the time that they have lasted her eight extensions the sale of new motor vehicles in Spain has improved substantially, especially in the sales channel that has been most damaged was the of the particular. But like everything in life, the joys are not eternal and it seems that the death of the Plan PIVE is going to bring new problems.

Citroën C4 Cactus Live EditionAccording to the National Association of Sellers of Vehicles to Engine (Ganvam) from the Plan PIVE died on the 30th of September sales of new vehicles to private individuals have grown but have been fired from the two-digit number. These data are recorded in the sales accounted for during the first fortnight of October. so far this month, sales of passenger cars and suvs in particular have only grown 2 percent, so that we are seeing signs of stagnation in this channel.

In the words of Juan Antonio Sánchez Torres, president of Ganvam, if the channel of the particular continues reducing the pace of purchases will be very difficult to achieve the forecasts it had estimated at the beginning of the year. In this way the market would stay at a safe distance from the 1.150.000 units that the employer had set as a goal. Thus, Sanchez recalled that aid and incentives to the purchase of vehicles are necessary for both the individual customers as to the government’s coffers since a large part of this aid reverses positively on them.

we Hope that when a new government is agreed on the importance of the automotive sector to the Spanish GDP, and propose a new plan of incentives to purchase new vehicles.

Source – Ganvam