According to Hyundai, the Genesis, will not be a mark boring as the German

Genesis G80

If the launch of a brand general is a huge job for the firm that is behind, should not be less when we speak of a cut premium. Genesis is the signature Hyundai Group has created to give reply to the signatures of prestige that are already established in the market. Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz are the coconuts against the fight, but , Hyundai are very clear that your firm’s premium will be different to them (especially the German).

In this moment Genesis has a point against and one in favor that are exactly the same. The first is negative because lacks the history and pedigree need to fight against the German firms, or japanese. The second is positive, because your history is now a blank canvas that have been painted. If they do well they will achieve the favor of the public, but if you do evil the dark clouds will adhere on it and end up with their aspirations.

Genesis New York Concept

To prevent the clouds from falling on their heads have very clear the path you will follow. According to responsible of Hyundai, Genesis does not follow the same path aesthetic that have taken the German firms. She will not be a car factory with mold, because each one of their models will have a differentiated air. This measure will ensure that will not happen the same thing to BMW for its 7 Series sets the course of the series 5 and Series 3 but at smaller scales.

According to John Krsteski, “every model has to have its own personality” […] “I think that we are going to define our own path and strategically we feel pretty confident that we have much to contribute to each of the models”. Obviously all the Genesis will maintain a common design to save the family air, but not at the same level as in Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz.

Krsteski says that I think that where we are headed, there is a lot of freedom. We are pushing to take advantage of every opportunity” […] “it Is a blank canvas and we’re just going to paint the best we can in him”.

Source – Genesis – Hyundai