According to Land Rover, this Range Rover is the perfect car to have creative ideas

How can you contribute a car to a man of business to take right decisions and reasoning creative? According to Land Rover, and a study in which they collected the opinions of 900 managers, our car may be the perfect ally to reason with sanity, and the perfect car, of course, it would be this Range Rover. And what requires a car to bring out that creativity? According to this study it is necessary to have comfortable seats, an abundance of natural light, and low noise. And this is how Land Rover has created the perfect car for an executive, a business man, and in general for any professional.

Land Rover has surveyed more than 900 executives to draw conclusions about the environmental factors and psychological that influence their decision making.

84% of the businessmen surveyed believe that the environment is very important to help in the decision making and in the outcrop of reasoning, creative. Among all the environmental factors, the most prominent for they would be the fresh air (23%), the feeling of space (18%), and the proximity of natural materials, like wood, leather, etc (5%).

Between the psychological conditions most important to them would be the comfort (64%), to spend a lot of time in that space reasoning (61%) and not feeling stressed (41%).


men of business respondents spend a quarter of their working day in the car.

, And according to that same study, beyond the office, the car is the place in which managers, and professionals in general, we spend more time reasoning, making decisions and maturing ideas in our head. The executives surveyed recognized to spend more than 25% of the time from your working day in the car. Which at the end of the week are many hours. Thus, according to Range Rover, our car has to play a key role in those decisions. Almost as much as the organization and distribution of an office.

With that idea in mind, Land Rover took the decision to create the prototype that would enjoy the creative environment perfect. And they found it in a Range Rover Autobiography which is to serve as an environment of work and leisure, which we isolate from outside noise, and take us comfortably to our destination, with solutions that are so important according to the findings of this study as well as the panoramic roof glass.

Between the most common tasks of a business man in the car, the study mentioned the reading and replying to emails (39%), and the resolution of urgent tasks (34%). So it is important to find solutions that help the passengers in the car, if you travel with chauffeur, to undertake these tasks, or even create systems of dictation, and reading of e-mails that facilitate to do it safely while driving.


Honestly, I think that in this prototype, and in this study, there is quite a trap to convince us that a Range Rover can be a suitable car for a man of business. In any case, the way of connecting the design of the passenger compartment of a car with the decisions of a manager is very successful, if we take into account the time we spend in our car, and that’s probably one of the environments in which a person is isolated with greater ease from the environment, enjoying enough time to mature ideas.

So, you know, the next time you have to make a complicated decision it is possible not to say “I will consult with the pillow” but “I will consult with my car on the way home”.

Source: Land Rover
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