According to Mercedes, Ferrari has matched the power of his engine in qualifying


The performance of the engines is, possibly, the determining factor to make differences between the teams pointers, which come with cars mechanically and aerodynamically very similar. Until now, it has been the case of Mercedes, which has had a power and reliability superior to the rest, especially in regards to Red Bull.

But in regard to Ferrari, the last two years have brought considerable progress and, according to Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes believes that the italians have already managed to be placed at its height in classification, when used in the modes of engine more radical. “I don’t have the data, the computer is not me has mentioned. What I have said is that they think that in qualifying we have a similar power, they have achieved an improvement really, really big. And that in the race we might have a slight advantage over them.”, said.

Not in vain, during the Grand Prix of Australia the chain Italian Sky F1 made a comparison between the laps in qualifying fastest from Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Räikkönen, who finished Q3 separated by 664 milliseconds. The images of subjective camera showed, surprisingly, that the Ferrari was gaining time on the straights but losing it in braking and cornering.


¿lost Mercedes their advantage engine with Ferrari? So you believe the germans.

Although this might indicate that the italians competed with an aerodynamic configuration more downloaded to generate less resistance to the advance, without a doubt, demonstrates that Ferrari has an engine that was very competitive, something which later contributed to Sebastian Vettel achieved the victory and Kimi Räikkönen will accompany you on the podium at Albert Park.

we Know what direction to take to move forward, that is the reason why this is a great team

Lewis Hamilton admits that losing the race was a bitter drink, but no doubt the team will recover in Bahrain. “it Is difficult for us, because the whole team has felt the same pain. After the race we all sat together and took some drinks. I come here (to Bahrain) really strong and optimistic, we know what direction to take to move forward, that is the reason why this is a great team,” said.