According to Nissan, the autonomous car final still will be in reach

Nissan has been a pioneer in electrify the automotive sector bulk, but where you are going to half-step, compared to its rivals, is in driving technology autonomous. This has not prevented so that the new Leaf can incorporate system ProPilot, or what is the same, the set of active help to the conduction of the brand, which will allow the electric most sold in the world to drive autonomously under certain circumstances.

In the field of driving autonomous Tesla is the one who dominates for a long time, but that does not mean that continue to test their technology, as the scenarios in which you can use are ever-changing and therefore have to upgrade it to daily. Following this example, Nissan you are updating yours, but that does not mean that Kazuhiro Doi, Vice president and Global head of Research and Advanced Engineering of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, from their point of view on the state of the technique.

As has been communicated to Doi, the technology that allows vehicles to drive autonomously is, as yet, in embryonic phase, which would not be until the year 2022 when it can carry out the first tests of driving fully autonomous large-scale. In addition, so that you can carry out, you will have had to produce years of research and controlled tests to validate these systems, and it is at this point where industry is located at these times.

An example of in what situation is driving autonomous as we can see in the operation of the cameras and radars that employ this technology. The first item may not work at night, and the second decreases its effectiveness, so sensitive in conditions of rain or snow, so that even should be buffed a lot of their operation to be reliable and safe for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Another aspect that has to work in conjunction with the manufacturers, governments and customers, it is in the development of the infrastructure and education necessary for the employment of the technology driving autonomous is safe and reliable. This is the conclusion at which they arrive, the engineers of Nissan, since the current driving systems autonomous are not yet smart enough to circulate through complex areas.

we Will see the evolution that takes the driving alone, but Nissan has much reason the autonomous vehicle final it will still take time in getting, because he still has a long way to go before being an alternative to the current.

Source – Nissan

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