According to Pirelli, the pilots involved in the test 2017 will have an advantage


With more than 6,000 kilometres already completed, Pirelli is located almost in the equator of its development programme of new tires that the cars of Formula 1 will be used in 2017. The Italian brand offered in your time to all the teams taking part in this process, but due to the cost of adapting the cars of 2015 to the requirements of the new regulations, only three accepted: Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari.

Also asked the teams involved to use their pilots owners to be able to have the greatest effectiveness at the time of collecting information, but only the Ferrari have participated. And Sebastian Vettel in particular the more interested in doing it, as already happened with the arrival of Pirelli to the championship in 2010, when they took the trouble to visit the factory to understand how they were going to be the tires.

According to Mario Isola, head of Pirelli, it is obvious that Vettel can take advantage of it. “That is 100% safe. If a rider likes a specific building, if you feel confident with a prototype concrete, pressure you to take that compound. Don’t know what to select, but press with your comments. Knowing Vettel for years now, I have to say that is very interested in the test, understand what is testing, asking about many things. sometimes you have To stop him and tell him: ‘you’re the one that has to tell me, not ask me’. But his personality is so, is very interested in understanding….

For Pirelli, it is crucial the intervention of the pilot in this phase of development, as it is the key piece in determining how it behaves the new tire and if you do it the right way. “The pilots are feeling. You can’t tell a pilot they can’t feel anything, because it is very important to us to have your comments and feedback. It is difficult to calculate how big is the advantage. But they have feelings, they don’t know what they are testing. If they say that a prototype is fantastic, we have to understand the reason”, said Mario Isola.

Only Ferrari has used its pilots holders to the test, something that Pirelli positively valued, while Isola praises the qualities of Buemi and Wehrlein. “you Are free to choose. We told the teams what riders we wanted to test, and they agreed that they had to be owners or test riders, or people with more experience who could give us feedback, because the changes are very large not only in the telemetry, but on the feedback of pilots to”, pointing out in addition that “then it is already a thing of the computer. Red Bull used to Buemi because it is their test pilot and works a lot in the simulator. And probably for them it’s important to have a correlation between the simulator and the car. It is your decision. Buemi did a very good job in Mugello, which was the first test. I can not say that we are not satisfied with Pascal, who also did very well. It is the owner, and although we would like to have the pilots owners of Mercedes also, we are confident that at some point will be well”, was the Technical Director of Pirelli.