According to Reuters, Bosch is also being investigated by the subject Volkswagen

What role has it played Bosch in the fraud of the TDI Volkswagen? that is the question that we in the weeks since, and the same that are already being made by the authorities of the united States in the investigation of the case. After uncover the fraud of the TDI, there was contradictory information, pointing to the fact that the software souped-up, the so-called defeat device would have been provided by Bosch. And even that the software, initially intended for tests on prototypes, preliminary, would have been used deliberately by Volkswagen on its models final. The reality, today, is that yet there is no proof that you kick yourself to Bosch in the scandal.

weeks Ago it went on to say that the defeat device had been provided by Bosch, but only to carry out the different tests, and not for their arrival at the dealerships.

According to Reuters, the united States would be investigating Bosch to clarify whether the largest supplier of the automotive industry was involved in the fraud, or not. We think that Bosch is the main supplier to the Volkswagen Group for key components of its diesel engines, including the ecu EDC17 including the software that controls the performance of the diesel engines of four cylinders affected.

Bosch is not only a supplier of Volkswagen, but of an infinity of marks, they even use the same ecu, as BMW and Mercedes-Benz.


If it is shown that the technology of Bosch has been used to commit the fraud of the TDI, Bosch would, necessarily, involved in it. At least that is what they think the researchers, and lawyers specializing in environmental issues consulted by the Reuters news agency.

Of time, neither the authorities, nor the official sources of Bosch, they would have made a statement about it. In any case, Reuters also mentions a previous conversation with the responsible of Bosch, in which they would have denied his guilt, while Bosch does not stops being a mere provider of supplies and asserting that “the calibration, and integration of these components in a vehicle is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer”.

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